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This fascinating lamp is a faithful 3D-printed reproduction of the Moon's surface using data plotted by NASA. The surface details are illuminated by 16 internal LED colours which can be set individually or programmed to gently scroll through all of them.

Mains or battery-operated and touch or remote control, the 'Moonlight' has four lighting modes, brightness control, and comes with a stand and a USB DC cable so that it can be run off and charged up by plugging it into any USB port, such as on a mains socket, USB plug (like a mobile phone charger), computer, laptop or power bank.



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Diameter: 15cm
Height: 17cm on Stand
'Moonlight' (click to enlarge)'Moonlight' (click to enlarge) 'Moonlight' (click to enlarge)'Moonlight' (click to enlarge)
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