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Olympia Torch Range

Ok — the London Olympic Games are well behind us but our Olympia flamelights live on.

Based on the original Olympic torch (apart from being in steel with a brushed-chrome finish that the Greeks weren’t very good at), they have clean, sleek lines and are as realistic as a silk flame can get.

They come as a wall-mounted torch and as a plug-in table-top lamp — the latter can be battery-powered if you want a hand-held torch for the stage, parties or other mobile displays.

All prices include VAT.


Olympia Table Lamp

The Olympia table silk flamelight comes with a brushed chrome finish and a matt black stand. This Olympic flamelight comes as standard with a plug-in mains transformer — it can be run off an external 12V battery but you’d need extra kit to do this. This would mean buying an external battery (and re-charger) and there would then be a lead that goes from the battery to the Olympia flamelight — the battery is not housed within the body of the torch. Please see our Battery Operation section for details.

Now we can all hold an Olympic torch — no need to enter the Olympic Games for this one.

If you’re interested in the battery option and the ability to wander around a stage or an Olympic celebration, give us a quick call on 020 7585 0055 and we’ll run through the details.

Currently unavailable


Height: 37cm
Stand: +5cm
Width: 15cm
Olympia Table Lamp (click to enlarge)

Olympia Wall Lamp

Identical to the table version above but the lamp electronics and connector block are housed in the wall-bracket for wall-mounting.

An artificial Olympic torch it may be but it but it’s as good as it gets without small children trying to light their fags off it.

Other wall-mounted flamelights can be seen in our Wall-mounted Flamelights section.

Buy now for £84.95 each



Depth: 20cm
Height: 38cm
Width: 15cm
Olympia Wall Lamp (click to enlarge)

Replacement Bulb

This 12V 8W dichroic red/amber bulb is used in all the plug-in table flamelight models.

Please don’t use a bulb of higher wattage than 10W or you will burn out the transformer in very quick time.

Buy now for £3.50 each



Power: 8W
Voltage: 12V
Replacement Bulb (click to enlarge)

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame

A spare standard yellow flame for use in all of our Firelamps, wall-mounted and plug-in flamelights.

Sorry, the Firelamp flame looks pants here but we had to use the flash on the camera to show the flame colour.

Buy now for £4.00 each

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame (click to enlarge)
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