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Spare Parts

In this section you’ll find spare parts for our plug-in flamelights.


Replacement Bulb

This 12V 8W dichroic red/amber bulb is used in all of our plug-in table flamelight models.

Please don’t use a bulb of higher wattage than 10W or you will burn out the transformer in very quick time.

Buy now for £3.50 each



Power: 8W
Voltage: 12V
Replacement Bulb (click to enlarge)

Replacement Transformer

Replacement transformer for all the plug-in flamelights. We only do the one type so it’s OK to order even if you can’t see the details.

Buy now for £7.50 each

Replacement Transformer (click to enlarge)

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame

A spare standard yellow flame for use in all of our Firelamps, wall-mounted and plug-in flamelights.

Sorry, the Firelamp flame looks pants here but we had to use the flash on the camera to show the flame colour.

Buy now for £4.00 each

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame (click to enlarge)
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