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Star Lanterns

Star Lanterns feature a string of gently rotating warm white LEDs have their points of white light refracted by the 3D holographic film in the lantern windows into an extraordinary display of stars that change shape and size as they swirl around the inside of the lantern.

The lanterns are weather proof but they should not be left in lying water or out in heavy rain where pooling may occur, and the paint effects may tarnish somewhat if left out in the elements for a period of time. For these reasons, we recommend that the lanterns are stored inside when not in use.

Batteries are not supplied with the Star Lanterns — 2 x C-cell batteries are required. A pair of alkaline batteries should last for more than 200 hours before they need replacing.

The automatic integral timer function is set at a repeating 6-hour cycle over a 24-hour period. When the switch is moved from the 'Off' position to 'Timer', the lantern will come on for 6 hours before going off until the same time on the following day, at which time it will again come on for 6 hours. If the lantern is needed for longer than this, the switch should be turned to the 'Off' position for 10 seconds — this will reset the timer to a new 6-hour period once it is turned back on. With the standard timer function in place, the batteries should last for around a month before recharging or replacing is required.


Moroccan Star Lantern

Available in antique bronze or pitted grey.

Buy now for £39.95 each

Moroccan Star Lantern (click to enlarge) Moroccan Star Lantern (click to enlarge)
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