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Swirling Pyramids Lanterns

Mesmerising and relaxing, these lamps are a lot of fun wherever you have them in the home. Cute little night lights too.

Each lantern comes with a mains-operated 24V transformer along with 3m of clear lead and an on/off switch.

These lanterns use a 3D holographic film to transform the light from the rotating string of LEDs into a mass of Star or Starburst patterns swirling around within the lamps — a bit like a firework display going off inside.


Ice Star Flower Pyramid

The Star Flower Pyramids contain 16 warm white LEDS mounted on a rotating spindle — these points of light are transformed by the 3-D holographic film surrounding the Pyramids into a mass of bright white stars that swirl around inside.

The new Star Flower 3-D holographic film is a better version of the Star film — the Stars are brighter, better defined, change their size more, overlap each other more — and they also have cute little points of light on the ends of each arm. Wonderful!

Available in two sizes: 45cm high or 60cm high.

Buy now from £24.99 to £29.99 each



Height: 45cm or 60cm
Width: 12cm
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Ice Star Flower Pyramid (click to enlarge)
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