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Due to a warehouse move, we will be closed from Thursday 11th April to Friday 26th April. All orders received during this time will be despatched on Monday 29th April. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Wallmounted Flamelights

The range of wall-mounted flame effect lights in this section are all based around the wall-mounting version of the Firelamp (which you can purchase separately if you want a silk flame light in the mounting of your choice).

From the powder-coated black Gothic, through the brushed-chrome Olympia to the hand-woven Buffy designs and the lovely Rustica — you’ll find something that fits your requirements.

All prices shown include VAT.


Wallmounted Firelamp

This version of the Firelamp is is for wall or ceiling-mounting, with external electronics (the larger transformer and smaller rectifier) and connector block.

The Firelamp is the basic flame console that fits inside all of our wall flamelight models and can also be supplied with a U.S. transformer.

The wall-mounted Firelamp uses the same bulb and flame confguration as the standard plug-in model above and is just as versatile for mounting in your own choice of housing.

Buy now for £44.50 each

Red LEDs:  


Flame Height: 12-15cm
Footprint: 8.5 x 8.5cm
Height: 9cm
Power Supply: External Transformer and Rectifier Unit
Wallmounted Firelamp (click to enlarge)

Olympia Wall Lamp

The Olympia wall flamelight is a Greek-style torchière with cleaner lines and a simpler and is more closely representative of the original Olympic flame.

The lamp electronics and connector block are housed in the wall-bracket for wall-mounting.

An artificial Olympic torch it may be but it but it’s as good as it gets without small children trying to light their fags off it.

     Sorry, out of stock and not likely to be repeated this year


Currently unavailable


Depth: 20cm
Height: 38cm
Width: 15cm
Olympia Wall Lamp (click to enlarge)

Gothic Wall Lamp

Matt black and nicely mediaeval in style, the Gothic is the flamelight of dungeons and dragons. 

Buy now for £92.50 each



Depth: 28cm
Height: 38cm
Width: 22cm
Gothic Wall Lamp (click to enlarge)

Rustica Wall Lamp

The Rustica wall-mounted flamelight is constructed from antique Spanish earthenware roof-tiles and decorative iron bolts.

A break from the usual shiny new flame lights, the Rustica oozes with rustic Mediterranean feel and is much more appropriate for those premises and rooms with an older character, such as with stone floors, timber walls or wooden features.

Buy now for £99.50 each



Depth: 16-18cm
Flame Height: 12-15cm
Height: 40-46cm
Width: 19-22cm
Rustica Wall Lamp (click to enlarge)

Replacement 12V 20W MR11 Red Amber Bulb

The 20W red/amber bulb is used in all the wall flamelights and the wall-mounted Firelamp around which they are constructed. Much better than the usual single flat colour, this bulb shines red from its centre and goes into amber and yellow colours at wider angles. This gives a gently varying and more realistic colouration to the flame.

Buy now for £3.50 each



Colour: Red/Amber
Lamp: MR11 Dichroic
Power: 20W
Voltage: 12V
Replacement 12V 20W MR11 Red Amber Bulb (click to enlarge)

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame

Our twin yellow flame for all the table and wall flamelights — anything based around our Firelamp models.

Sorry, the Firelamp flame looks pants here but we had to use the flash on the camera to show the flame colour.

Buy now for £4.00 each

Replacement Twin Yellow Flame (click to enlarge)

Replacement Red Twin Flame

The red version of our twin flame. Fits all the table and wall flamelight ranges and the Firelamps around which they are based.

Again, the nature of flash photography means that the adjacent image shows the true flame colour but a rubbish moving image.

Currently unavailable

Replacement Red Twin Flame (click to enlarge)
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