Luxa flame lighting
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Flame Options

FireStorms All the brands on the market are supplied with a standard white silk but we can replace this with a silk flame that has been pre-dyed to a very specific colour to enhance the flame effect. In environments where there is a bit more general lighting than your average Tyneside rave, such as at an exhibition or other staged event, the white silk can look a little ‘washed-out’ – the brighter the venue, the less effective the flame effect becomes.

This downside can be entirely negated by using a coloured silk, pre-dyed to a very specific fiery shade (a colour that has been copyrighted, no less, but sadly not by us). This colouration gives a rich flame colour whatever the surrounding lighting.

If you have a specific flame colour in mind, we can supply a variety of bulb colours to suit your requirements.

Flame Machines

Again, all come with a standard silk flame and again, we can do better. In addition to the provision of coloured silk as outlined above, we can also cut a partially cylindrical flame that is much more 3-dimensional. This circular shape of flame takes off the sharp edges of the flat flame and stops it getting rather thin when observed from side-on. Add this to the use of coloured silk and you have a different beast altogether.

Wall and Table

These models can be supplied with blue, white, red and saffron-coloured flames. The latter is by far the most realistic but you may have specific requirements such as ‘hell-fire red’ or ‘cool gas blue’.

As with the Flame Machines above, we can supply all these models with a much more 3-dimensional flame by taking two standard single flames and joining the together at the base around an oval metal strip. This means that the twin flame can fit around the bulb so that the light shines right through the fabric and results in it being much more incandescent. Again, the sharp edges of the single flame are lost in the twin flame and there is twice as much fluttering since two flames are involved. Best flames on the planet.

The Luxor wall flame light is immeasurably improved by replacing it’s standard white silk flame and orange bulb with a twin saffron flame and red/amber bulb used in all the other wall models.