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Silk flame effect lighting is not a new concept; patents go back as long ago as the 1940s, and it seems that it was the advent of the electric fire that stimulated its development. Twisting or fluttering fabric filaments behind a partially opaque screen, illuminated by a warm amber glow were the early designs.

It wasn't until theatreland in the sixties that the re-design of the concept as a simulated fire stimulated a resurgence in the use of flame lights. A third wave of development came in the 90s with the clubland explosion and its need for sophisticated special effects in the pursuit of exciting visual entertainment.

Since then flame lights have been adopted by a few niche markets such as exhibition stand designers, the fireplace industry, and lighting designers for pubs, clubs and restaurants. But it is only now that a lightweight, versatile model has been developed for the domestic market. The Fire Lamp can be used as an attractive 'stand-alone' flame light or easily incorporated into a legion of designs or mountings to provide user-specific flame-lighting. In the domestic market, its versatility as an 'electric candle' is as attractive as it is in the commercial marketplace.

The LUXA range of flame lights covers all requirements from a 'raging inferno' making a splash on an exhibition stand to a flexible little cutie for the table, and a range of others including wall-mounted and battery-powered flame lamps, all described on our Products Page.

Whether you wish to buy or grow your own, Luxa has the size to suit.

Firestorms - Real 'in yer face' flame lighting. Raging infernos from one to three metres in height and ideal for Nightclubs, Exhibitions, window displays and the Stage. For more details see the Firestorm page.


Buffy - A half-bowl uplighter - which shows off the fiery effect of our multi-coloured lamps. see the wall lamp range.


Gothic - A mediaeval-style torchiere in matt black. For more torchieres, see the wall lamp page.


Rustica - A lovely confection made from antique Spanish roof tiles, the 'Rustica' oozes a rustic Mediterranean feel - even the tiles look hot! See the wall lamp page and the table lamp page.


New productsGrecian - A flame light in the style of a vase, black with gold brush. More on the table lamp page.


CoCo - One of a pair of discrete and attractive silk flame effect lamps from Indonesia. Details on the table lamp page.


Battery pack - See the battery pack and table lamp pages for details on the range of flamelights with mains or battery option.


Maroc - This little number is in the pipeline but you can have a preview on the coming soon page.


LoneFlame FireLampThe FireLamp - The FireLamp forms the basis of most of our silk flame effect ranges. It is highly versatile as well as being inexpensive. Fireplace and lighting designers, see the FireLamp page.

FireLanternsOutdoor Lanterns - A flamelighting range designed for the outdoor life. See the Outdoor Lanterns page for details of the post, gate and wall lanterns.

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Luxa flamelighing - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow Luxa flamelighing - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow