Luxa Flame Lighting - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow  
Luxa Flame Lighting - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow Basket empty
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I know you came here for the flamelights, but have a shufty
at our new Air Lamps
they float in mid-air, I kid you not!

Luxa Flamelighting — the best flamelights on the planet

We have over 50 different styles of silk flamelight on our books (that’s about 49 more than anyone else) in a diverse range of materials such as rattan, steel, bamboo, terracotta and leather.

To see this lot, click here.


We have loads of really lovely plug-in table lamps for the home — plenty of them to bring empty stoves and fireplaces to life — and wall flamelights for pubs, clubs and restaurants.


And, of course, the Big Brothers of them all — the Firestorms for nightclubs, parties, product launches, stage productions, gala dinners etc. These are absolutely eye-catching in-store and window displays.


The Rustica Family use antique Spanish roof tiles which have been adapted in different ways to house candles, standard light bulbs and our silk flamelights. Nice stuff for domestic and commercial use.


The Olympia Range consists of a wall flamelight and a hand-held torch, both with a brushed-chrome finish.


We've being supplying the rich, the famous and the jolly decent for the last ten years (click here to see who these people are) and now we've got a huge range for everyone to enjoy — functional and lovely. All of our plug-in flamelights can be battery operated and used as table centres or as stage props, such as in fireplaces or as hand-held torches.


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