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Battery Operated Flamelights

Our new battery-operation system for our flamelights is based on Android mobile phone cabling and general mobile phone power requirements — much simpler, cheaper and more accessible to anyone who wants to use our flamelights without mains power. This system enables our flamelights to be run off standard mobile phone Power Banks — the gadgets that you can take around with you to recharge your mobile when it gets low. We have some of these in stock but if we haven’t got what you want, it’s easy to get them on the internet. The Power Banks are charged up from the mains or a computer in the same way as a mobile phone is. If you google ‘Power Bank’ all will become clear. All you have to do after that is to plug the Power Bank into a flamelight and you’re on your way.

What you need

  • 1 x flamelight, upgraded to a low wattage LED bulb
  • 1 x transformer cable
  • 1 x Power Bank and charging cable


The Power Banks can be used with any of our plug-in table lamps — see the ranges subtitled ‘Trade Models’ here for the choices. Or if you just want the flame console without an outer housing, see the plug-in Firelamps here. Prices for each model are given beside each flamelight on these pages.

One thing we have to do to get it all to work is to replace the standard 8W halogen bulb in the flamelight to an LED one which is around 1.5W, otherwise the flamelight draws too much power and the Power Bank can’t supply it and the whole thing won’t work, not least because the transformer in the cable will burn out in very short order. It’s OK to use the LED bulb if you have a mains adaptor and want the lamp mains powered at some stage, but you shouldn’t ever use the 8W halogen bulb with the Power Bank for the reasons given above. The LED upgrade adds £6.00 (inc. VAT) to the cost of each flamelight.

Transformer cable

To make it all work we have to change up the voltage that comes out of the Power Bank from 5.5V to the 12V that is required by our flamelights. This is done via a transformer cable which has either an in-line transformer or a transformer built into the USB 2.0 connector (see the images below) — the USB 2.0 connector (larger rectangular one) goes into the Power Bank, the 3.5mm DC jack goes into the flamelight. Excess cable can be hidden inside the flamelight or somewhere nearby — the cable with the transformer inbuilt into the USB connector has less cable to hide, if that helps. The cost of these cables is £17.50 inc. VAT.

In-line transformer cable   Built-in USB transformer cable
In-line transformer cable   Built-in USB transformer cable

Power Banks

We have a few of these in stock but won’t have a fuller range until the second half of August — it’ll be mostly the 2600mAh ones we have for the time being. A monstrous variety are available on the Internet if we can’t supply you with what you need — give us a call on 020 7585 0055 (or e-mail us at and we’ll point you in the right direction for what’s best for your requirements.

They should all come with a charging cable but do check this and be sure that you’ll be able to charge it from a USB computer port or USB plug (or that you have an appropriate mobile phone charger that’ll do the job).

Power Banks usually come with a charging cable with a USB 2.0 connector at one end and a Micro B connector at the other. To charge the Power Banks, the (larger, rectangular) USB connector plugs into a computer or mains plug, and the smaller Micro B connector goes into the Power Bank. There are some Power Banks that don’t have both of these sockets but these are to be avoided — you do need both sockets, the smaller Micro B one for charging the Power Bank and the larger, rectangular one for discharging it into the flamelight.

Power Bank with both USB 2.0 and Micro B sockets (ports)   USB 2.0 (L) and Micro USB (R) connectors   USB plug (double)
Power Bank with both USB 2.0
and Micro B sockets (ports)
  USB 2.0 (L) and
Micro USB (R) connectors
  USB plug (double)

The cost of Power Banks varies on their power capacity — they are typically £12.50 – £17.50 each (inc. VAT).

Power Banks come in varying shapes and sizes, their power output (and thus their running time) being measured in ‘milliamp hours’, or mAh. The choice of Power Bank would be dependent on how long the flamelight is required to be alight — it may be 30 minutes for a walk-on part in a stage play, or it might be as table centres for two consecutive evening functions where it’s not possible to re-charge the Power Banks overnight. Broadly speaking the running times for varying Power Bank capacities is:

  • 2,600 mAh — c. 4 hours
  • 5,200 mAh — c. 8 hours
  • 10,000 mAh — c. 16 hours
2,600mAh Power Banks   5,200mAh Power Bank   10,000mAh Power Bank
Examples of (L-R) 2,600mAh, 5,200mAh and 10,000mAh Power Banks

You should test the running time in advance of your needing to use the Power Banks. Another influence on the choice of Power Bank is how discreet or manageable is their size or shape. A larger flatter 10,000mAh one might be fine for slipping under the flamelight as a table centre, a lipstick-sized one might be more appropriate for hiding inside (or strapping to) the handle of a torch in a stage play. 

Floral Battery Pack   Firelamp   Olympia Handheld

If you have any queries or would like further information, please give us a call on 020 7585 0055 or e-mail us at

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