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This website is out of date. Please click here for the new one

This website is out of date. Please click here for the new one

The FireStorms – all the best models at the internet’s lowest prices

The FireStorms are the big brothers of our silk flame effect lighting range. Not dissimilar to what you might expect from a fractured gas main, these are the ones that you’ve seen in nightclubs, exhibition stand lighting, stage shows, major events and functions, shopping malls and DJ lighting displays. If you want to make a bit of a statement, the FireStorms will get you noticed.




We spend a lot of time scuttling through the Internet comparing prices than we do to ensure that we are the cheapest source of flame lamps anywhere in the U.K. Check for yourself but be sure to include VAT and carriage when doing so. We are flamelight specialists and can supply better flames at better prices – see the flame options page for details or get in touch with us.
We supply all the major flamelight brands, from the Antari flame machines and the Diablo LG and Diablo XL flamelights to the Chauvet Firebird, Firebird XL, Firecrates, Evolution, Excalibur and others.
For what it’s worth, you can’t slip a bit of paper between any of them – they are all either four feet high or seven feet high (Small or Large in our terminology), They all use white silk flames, and they use a mix of the odd blue bulb and the rest orange.
All the brands on the market are supplied with a standard white silk but we can replace this with a silk flame that has been pre-dyed to a very specific colour to enhance the flame effect. More details on the flame options page and hire page if such is your preference.



Large FireStorms – the seven-footers

Invariably labelled the seven-footers but in practice all are closer to six feet (1800mm) when ‘flying’ (7 foot high ‘with flame extended’ is not an appropriate measurement). The Large FireStorms, since widely used by the DJ and Club fraternity, tend to have an extension lead that provides the ability to turn the bulbs (only) on and off from a distance. Peculiarly, it is not possible to use the FireStorm without this lead in place so it might have to be tucked away somewhere with the switch in the ‘on’ position.
At this size they’re getting bit of a handful to carry around (c. 25kg) but they all have carrying handles on both sides.



Small FireStorms – the four-footers.

Generally the Small FireStorms use five bulbs - one or two blue bulbs to highlight the centre of the flame, and three or four orange ones to illuminate the rest of the silk. Including about 15 inches of black box, the Small FireStorms have an overall height of around four feet (1200mm) when flying (discount any larger flame sizes that say ‘5 feet with flame fully extended’). As above, most of the Small FireStorms have the remote on/off switch for the lights. Only a little narrower and lighter than the Large models above.


Go on - set your world on fire

Luxa flamelighing - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow Luxa flamelighing - the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow