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Brightening up your hearth and home - see our flamelights

Silk Flamelights

Choose from over 50 styles of safe, cool-running silk flamelights in a diverse range of materials such as rattan, steel, bamboo and also copper and leather finishes.


Swirling Pyramids Lanterns

These lamps produce a rotating mass of stars and exploding starburst effects inside — a bit like having your own private firework display.



These magical lamps contain dozens of twinkling multi-coloured LEDs which project many coloured points of light onto surrounding surfaces.


Shadow Lamps

These paper lampshades have been double-printed to have shadowy hidden images on the inside which only appear when the lamp is turned on.



A sophisticated diffuser film inside these lamps splits up the warm white LED light into myriad points of light which frame a winter scene of deer and fir trees, giving a bright sparkling frost effect.


Plant Lamps

These delightfully cute miniature terrariums have a sprig of artificial flowers or leaves housed in a light bulb set into a plaster base, illuminated by a tiny string of five warm white LEDs.



A 3D-printed reproduction of the Moon’s surface with the details illuminated by a choice of 16 LED colours. Mains or battery-operated by touch or remote control.


Outdoor Lights

A range of battery-powered weather-proof lanterns with timers, ideal for for use in the garden.


TV Fires

This marvellously realistic fire effect comes built into either a retro 1950s TV or a modern flat-screen display.


Battery operated flamelights

All of our plug-in flamelights can also be battery operated and used as table centres or as stage props, such as in fireplaces or as hand-held torches.

With LUXA you’ll be in good company!

We’ve being supplying the rich, the famous and the jolly decent for the last ten years (click here to see who these people are) and now we’ve got a huge range for everyone to enjoy.

Featured Flame Lights

Twiggy Vase AT 002

Lacquered twigs bound with twine around a sturdy metal frame our best-seller by a street. The new quiet fan means you won't even know your basket’s caught fire.

Twiggy Vase AT 002 (click to enlarge)
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