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Flame effect lighting using silk to create the the effect of a real flame


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Lighting for the flame effect


Silk Flame

The materials used in creating the flame effect


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Wall Lamps.

A great range of silk effect flame lamps; from Greek-style Olympic and stylised Mediaeval torches to a rustic earthenware masterpiece.

Table Lamps.

The largest variety of table flamelights anywhere in the world. These silk flamelights can be mains or battery operated perfect for table centres with a difference.

Floor Lamps – The FireStorms.

From 4 feet to seven feet high, the FireStorms provide a stunning visual effect, a bit like a burst gas main really. Loads of models available Chauvet Firebird, Diablo XL and LG, Firecrates, Antari flamelight range, Electrovision and Soundlab.

Battery operation.

Where trailing leads are not an option, the flame lights in the table lamp range can all be used in conjunction with a rechargeable battery pack with up to 9 hours use.

Outdoor Lanterns.

A range of three outdoor flaming lamps based on a Victorian design. Gate, wall or post mounted, these lamps provide an original and atmospheric way of illuminating entrances, pathways and house-fronts.


Silk Effect Flame Machines.

Table Flame Lamps.

CoCo flamelight.
Made from Coconut leaves and standing a little under two feet in height (c. 55cm), this model is supplied with the Fire Lamp to be fitted inside by the Client. The firelight flickers around the inside of the leaves and on the ceiling above. The flame effect is quite discreet, with the tip of the flame seen through the spaces between the leaves.

Wicker flame light.

As with the CoCo, this model is hand-made in Indonesia from natural woven fibres. The semi-open weave of the lamp allows diffuse flamelight to flicker on adjacent walls, whilst the flame flickers within. Again, quite a discreet flame effect.

Brazier flamelights.

A stylized representation of a burning brazier, about a foot high, 5” in diameter and available in black or brushed chrome. Good light output in true fiery colours with multiple flame effect through use of reflective film.

Roman flame light.
A foot and a half high (without the flame), this model is in the style of a crucible on a pedestal frame.

Grecian flamelight.
About a foot high and identical to the Roman in effect but housed in a black with brushed gold vase.

Rustica flame lights.
Two halves of an antique Spanish roof tile with decorative iron bolts. Raised rear tile shows off the flame colours of the lamp with flickering flamelight falling on surrounding walls and ceiling.

Wall Fire Lamps.

Gothic wall flamelight.
Black mediaeval torchon style, multi-coloured flame, good fiery flickering on wall and ceiling.

Olympia wall flamelight.
Brushed chrome torchon in the Greek style, identical effects to the Gothic.

Castille wall flame lights.
Also Mediaeval in style, the Castille is available in a range of finishes such as black, bronze, chrome, gold, silver and copper.

Buffy flame light.
Black half-bowl up-lighter, the same effects as Gothic and Olympia.

Rustica flamelights.
Antique Spanish earthen-ware roof-tiles, the proximity of the taller back tile enhances the fire effect to the point that the tile itself looks hot. A break from the usual shiny new flame-lights, the Rustica oozes with a rustic Mediterranean feel – much more appropriate for premises and rooms with an older character, such as with stone floors, timber walls or wooden features. Standard multi-coloured flame as with all models.

Floor Standing Flamelights.

The FireStorms.
The Small Firestorm flamelight has an overall height of 4 feet (1200mm) and the Medium, around 7 feet (1800mm – 2000mm). Models supplied are the Diablo XL and LG flamelights, Electrovision / Soundlab flame effect lights, the Antari flamelight range, Chauvet FireBird

Ideal for DJ lighting, club lighting, exhibition stands, event lighting and any other function that needs a bit of the wow factor.

Flame Machines.

The Flames Machines.
This range of flame effect lighting models can be table or floor-standing -depending on the model, they can also be wall-mounted or ceiling-hung. The flexible nature of these models means that they can be adapted to fit in a huge variety of bespoke fittings, great for themed events and parties.

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